CLEANING Our state of the art laundry facility will wash, fold, press and dry clean your garments according to the specifications.

Dry Cleaning

Your new and expensive clothes need that extra care. Dry clean your clothes and make it look brand new

Steam Press

We also provide ironing service. Your washed, dried clothes can be ironed with our the latest Steam Ironers on additional cost. You can also walk in to utilize the ironing service separately.


We offer Starching Clothes Laundry Services. These services are completed utilizing the advanced technique. Our service is known in the market for their reliability and timely completion. Due to high demand, we offer this service in diverse forms that meet on client demands.

Carpet Wash

We can handle all sizes of Door and window curtains. Bring it to us and give your homes a facelift.

Roll Press

We offer best saree/roll press service which removes wrinkles, without affecting its natural beauty and durability.

Roll Polishing

Sarees, especially silk sarees tend to lose their brightness and shine in the course of time as you use it. We offer best saree polishing service which preserves the inherent shining of sarees without affecting its natural beauty and durability.


Did you just notice a hole in the expensive fabric you loved the most? We’ll save it for you.... By darning the cloth with the same thread, it is possible to make torn portion invisible.

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