About Us

Chennai Laundry is one of the group companies of M/s Turnkey Events and I Deal Ads & Events. THE CHENNAI LAUNDRY is one of the best equipped commercial and DOMESTIC laundries, staffed with well trained and professional employees selected to meet the standards set by the management. We have a big industrial washing machine capacity of 60 kgs which will be able to wash 240 clothes in 25 minutes. We do have a industrial spinner of 30 kgs capacity and industrial drier of 60 kgs capacity. We do have steam ironing machines for pressing. We are masters in tagging system, the most important process in the business of laundry, we tag each and every cloth before getting into the laundry, needless to tell your good self By means of tagging misplacement of clothes can be avoided. With our Laundry Services you can look forward to your clothes being delivered to your door freshly laundered, crisply pressed and ready to wear. All your clothes are taken personal care and the nature of the cloth is clearly examined before washing in order to wash them with appropriate fabric friendly detergents. After washing, all clothes are pressed to give a crisp and neat finish to it.

Clothes, especially silk clothes tend to lose their brightness and shine in the course of time as you use it. We offer best saree polishing service which preserves the inherent shining of sarees without affecting its natural beauty and durability. It is good to give a combined treatment of dry cleaning plus saree polishing to make your sarees look equal to brand new ones We are using internationally renowned detergents for washing, to enhance good quality. We offer laundry services at your door steps. Save your precious time by using our free home pick-up & delivery service at absolutely free of cost. Wherever you are, we will reach you. We are having our outlet in the heart of Chennai.

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